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molybden::Network Class Referenceabstract

Provides access to the network-level functionality. More...

#include <network.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for molybden::Network:
molybden::NetworkEvents molybden::NetworkDelegates

Public Member Functions

virtual std::shared_ptr< Profileprofile ()=0
 The profile of this network service.
virtual std::shared_ptr< HttpAuthPrefshttpAuthPrefs ()=0
 Returns the HTTP authorization preferences service.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from molybden::NetworkEvents
Event< NetworkChangedonNetworkChanged
 Invoked when the current network connection has changed.
Event< PacScriptErrorReceivedonPacScriptErrorReceived
 Invoked when the PAC file processing has been failed.
Event< RedirectResponseCodeReceivedonRedirectResponseCodeReceived
 Invoked when a redirect response code (3xx) has been received for the URL request.
Event< RequestCompletedonRequestCompleted
 Invoked when the URL request has been completed.
Event< RequestDestroyedonRequestDestroyed
 Invoked when the URL request has been destroyed.
Event< ResponseBytesReceivedonResponseBytesReceived
 Invoked when a part of HTTP response body has been received over the network.
Event< ResponseStartedonResponseStarted
 Invoked when the first byte of the URL response body has been received.
- Public Attributes inherited from molybden::NetworkDelegates
Delegate< BeforeSendUploadDataArgs, BeforeSendUploadDataActiononBeforeSendUploadData
 Invoked before the upload data is sent to the web server.
Delegate< CanSetCookieArgs, CanSetCookieActiononCanSetCookie
 Invoked to check if the given cookie can be set or not.
Delegate< CanGetCookiesArgs, CanGetCookiesActiononCanGetCookies
 Invoked to check if the engine can access the given cookie or not.
Delegate< CanAccessFileArgs, CanAccessFileActiononCanAccessFile
 Invoked to check if the engine can access a file on the local file system.
Delegate< ReceiveHeadersArgs, ReceiveHeadersActiononReceiveHeaders
 Invoked when the response headers have been received for a URL request.
Delegate< BeforeStartTransactionArgs, BeforeStartTransactionActiononBeforeStartTransaction
 Invoked before the network transaction starts.
Delegate< BeforeUrlRequestArgs, BeforeUrlRequestActiononBeforeUrlRequest
 Invoked when an HTTP request is about to occur.
Delegate< InterceptUrlRequestArgs, InterceptUrlRequestActiononInterceptUrlRequest
 Invoked when a URL request is about to be sent out.

Detailed Description

Provides access to the network-level functionality.

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